One of the main concerns for Puerto Sotogrande is the respect for its surroundings. Consequently, we take extra special care with sustainability and the environment. We have been working on different fronts over many years to conserve the natural environment adjacent to the harbour, together with care over the processes and protocols that are present in harbour activity in our installations and that could be dangerous to the marine or land nature.


Conscious of how important it is to carry out a correct environmental management and conserve the natural surroundings, in PST Puerto Sotogrande we have developed a corporate culture of respect and sensibility for the environment which is transmitted to our employees, users, suppliers and which we endeavour to transmit to the society as a whole.



For PST Puerto Sotogrande its maritime surroundings are not just an important asset as the basis of its productive and professional processes in the blue economy, but rather it recognises the importance of the seas and oceans as the driving force for the economy and their great potential for innovation and growth.

A blue economy is that economic activity of the maritime sector that empowers the use of the sea and its resources, with a guarantee of sustainable economic development.




All organisations, regardless of their activity, size or geographical location have to abide by an ever increasing number of environmental requirements. For this it is essential to use environmentally integrated tools for a global management of harbours.

At PST Puerto Sotogrande we have been working for quite a time, to be more efficient, comfortable, safe and sustainable. This explains why we have been awarded and hold, an extensive number of environmental distinctions, recognitions and certifications.


Over the past years PST Puerto Sotogrande has been awarded the Blue Flag, which recognises good handling and quality in the compliance to the criteria in sectors of environmental information and education, environmental management , safety and services.

Year after year we work to continue improvement to these criteria, keeping the sustainability, ability and comfort of our installations.

ISO 9001

In 2009 PST Puerto Sotogrande obtained through AENOR auditory, the international certification Regulation ISO 9001. This certification has been renewed year after year as an indicator of our commitment to the quality of our installations and processes.

ISO 14001

In 2012 with continued vision on quality, environmental protection and sustainability as the centre pin of the company decisions, objectives and organisation, PST Puerto Sotogrande, through AENOR, obtained the International Certification of ISO14001.

This certificated has been renovated year after year as an indicator of our commitment with the quality of our installations and processes.

ISO 45001

In 2020 and in the mist of sanitaria health alert conditions,PST Puerto Sotogrande made a qualitative leap to obtain the International Certificate, through AENOR of the ISO 45001, which establishes a management system of health and safety in the workplace for the protection of the workers.


As a result of the effort for continued improvement in quality, environmental protection and sustainability, PST Puerto Sotogrande has obtained the IQNet “Certified Management System” award, which certifies companies and organizations which have an integral management system of international nature.


PST Puerto Sotogrande is officially certified as Puerto Seguro – MarinaSafe in the category Gold+. This is due to its commitment and answer to the implementation of safety, health and social distancing measures. Likewise, with the provision of the means for pedestrian movement compatibility, within the recommended safety areas; isolation and destruction of dirty waste products, put into practice its own security protocols, hygiene, disinfection, quality and environmental health, use of public open air spaces and the normalisation of safe capacities. Complying with Excellence, to the requirements of the “Municipal recommendations on movement on the de-scaling of COVID-19 and the development of its own de-scaling plan.