PST Puerto Sotogrande relies on Quality and Environment, together with Health and safety at work in the development of its activity, with objectives that obtain greater competitiveness and improved customer services, to grow as a business and obtain a position that stands out in our field.

PST Puerto Sotogrande considers that a quality management system is totally interrelated with an environmental management system, together with health and safety in the workplace. But that both systems should be integrated in the general management of the company and the areas which form it.

With the aim to reach the maximum level of customer satisfaction and carry out its work in a correct way, PST Puerto Sotogrande has decided to install and maintain a Management System for Quality control and Environmental sustainability, together with Health and Safety in the workplace, in accordance to the regulations of UNE-EN ISO 9001:2015, UNE-EN ISO 14001:2015 y UNE-EN ISO 45001:2018, covered by “Management, Maintenance and Administration of a leisure harbour and its installations. Operating of the Chandlery. Operating of the Gymnasium. Lift out, clean and application of anti fouling (patent), and launch of vessels in the boatyard.”

Consequently a Policy of Quality, Environment and Health and Safety at the workplace has been developed and applied in our activities and service, which define the principals of actions in relation to the Quality, Environment and Health and Safety in the workplace, which, from then on guides and inspires all the activities and services developed by our company and serves to demonstrate our public commitment in this sense.

Adherence to this policy is the responsibility of all the employees of Puerto Sotogrande, S.A.;Management and those in-charge of each Department are directly responsible to coordinate the practical development of the principals of management established in their designated area.

Consequently, the Puerto Sotogrande Management undertakes the following obligations:

  • Comply and respect all the legal requirements applicable to our activities, together with other requirements subscribed to by the organisation or which apply to us.
  • Adopt the commitment to continual improvement, laying down objectives and goals, which can be easily measured and assumed in accordance with the capacity of our company.
  • Adopt the necessary measures to protect the environment, prevent and minimise any impact that our activity may provoke on the environment, carrying out environmental good practise in the company, ensuring an efficient operational control of waste management and spillages that could have affected the coastal area. As is possible, the application of these indications across the company activity to preserve the planet.
  • Insure the capability, competence and professional attitude of the employees through training programs and environmental, quality and health and safety in the workplace awareness.
  • Improve the relations between our customers and suppliers, valuing the satisfaction of the former and establishing communication paths with the later for mutual benefit.
  • Involve clients, suppliers, subcontractors and the general public in this Policy of; Quality, Environment together with Health and Safety. Encouraging them to be participants of the same and obtain together an adequate Quality, Environmental and Health and Safety Management.
  • Management commitment with Health & Safety in the workplace, directly with the removal of dangers and minimising risk of accidents at work and work based illnesses, together with the provision of a healthy and safe work place.
  • Transparent management of relations derived from preventive activities with the different groups involved.
  • Commitment with the consultation and active participation of the workers.
  • Communication of the lines of strategic, political, plans, objectives and indications to obtain an effective integration of the preventive measures.
  • Promote innovative actions designed to improve work conditions.
  • Integrate the legal principals of effective equality between men and women in the preventive measures.
  • Identify and evaluate the risks, processes and services of Labour safety, industrial hygiene, ergonomics and quality of life in the workplace. Follow and control the implantation of corrective actions.

This policy is at the disposal of the public and is revised and updated for its continuous adaptation.