In the 60’s, what was considered the most select private resort in Europe, started to take shape, thanks to the grand Philippine tycoon and businessman, Joseph McMikking. He wanted to invest on the Mediterranean coast with the intention to raise up an elite elegant urbanization, with every little detail to convert it in an idyllic residential and holiday place, for rest and where happiness was the predominate mood.

As he was sure that the ideal situation was this beautiful space on the Costa del Sol, in front of Morocco, facing Gibraltar and with the backdrop of the Mediterranean Sea, accomplice to this oasis in the middle of nature, Sotogrande was born,

And from there the objective to construct the leisure harbour of Sotogrande, which intended to complement and improve the urbanization named Sotogrande, which was then developing.
Where it supported and added the necessary maritime orientation, yet maintaining the ever present strategic vision of maximum quality, tranquility and family atmosphere.

Land on the left bank of the river Guadiaro estuary mouth was acquired. A kilometre of coast line, where 600 metres and the adjacent lands, were dedicated to apartments and the final 400 metres, for the construction of the harbour, sheltered with respect to the easterly winds and currents by its protective outer mole.

As regards the inner marina, it became feasible through a canal which was opened at the back of the harbour wall, dredging of the area to permit the creation of a navigable lagoon, with berths on its banks. Without the maritime project, Sotogrande would have remained incomplete from the perspective of the greater realisation of the urbanisation.

The land used was of some 542,585 square metres, which would finally provide 1382 berths, 1426 high quality residences, a four star hotel with magnificent views and two commercial areas with 350 commercial premises, apartments, boatyard, winter storage units for vessels and hard standing areas for stays ashore and shrink wrap of vessels.

It is important to point out that in Sotogrande there has always existed an interest in sailing. It all started when the owners of the urbanisation acquired a fleet of 40 catamarans. In the absence of suitable nautical installations, in the first instance the sail enthusiasts had the meeting point of the beach of the Cucurucho, where regattas for the catamarans were held as they were the most adequate vessels to launch and retrieve from the beach.

So the construction of one of the most beautiful leisure harbours of the Spanish coastline and Europe was born, where discretion is a way of life from the very roots. Navigate, live and feel… PST Puerto Sotogrande.


From its very creation, PST Puerto Sotogrande has been a family harbour. Our philosophy has always maintained the relationship of nautical sports and the enjoyment of a family break. PST Puerto Sotogrande is then a discreet location where you can easily find everything you need without stress. We want you to rest, recharge your batteries, relax and spend pleasant days with family and friends, enjoying our privileged location and the excellent conditions to navigate that our waters offer.

The principals of PST Puerto Sotogrande are based on the founding of a strategy of quality and excellence. This is supported by the continuous training of our professional human team, which appear as one big family. Fundamental is the creation of worth for our clients and users providing them experiences, which provide long lasting unity to our leisure harbour.

The continued improvements in safety, professionalism of our human resources, personalised attention, family atmosphere, inclusion, social and environmental responsibility are and will be the aims of our organisation. We hope you visit us and enjoy you’re a pleasant and satisfactory stay in our installations.


For PST Puerto Sotogrande, our surroundings are one of our main values. Consequently we are always involved in a positive manner with their conservation and maintenance; as much ensuring that no waste from the harbour can have a negative effect, as in collaboration with the local authorities in the actions that they take. Likewise, with associations and organisations which are concerned with the environment and with which we regularly collaborate.

The harbour would not be so special if it were not for its natural surroundings and unique territory in which we are found. PST Puerto Sotogrande will always work in its conservation, maintenance and improvement. We look after it as if it really was our own house. As it really is just that, our home.