PST Puerto Sotogrande promotes and drives the principals in material of Corporate Social Responsibility, to the benefit of its groups of interest and surroundings, fundamental in the design and definition of its objectives. We understand social responsibility as the tool which contributes to the development of society in which we are found, in accordance to the international guidelines of social action and environment.

The companies and organization as social agents, play an important and relevant role in the achievement of objectives connected to a sustainable society and environment. PST Puerto Sotogrande has established the strategies in CSR material which contribute to achieve a recognised imagine, valued, positioned in its surroundings and in the leisure harbour and marine sector. This is determined by the reputation and capability to construct a relationship structure that stimulates employee, client, user and supplier confidence, together with the rest of society which interacts and relates with our harbour.

In particular, we have a special dedication to our direct natural surroundings, to ensure that at all times it can be found in a good environmental state. Our efforts are not just for ourselves, but rather together with the professional and commercial environment which surrounds us, to maintain a respect for the biodiversity of Sotogrande and the Campo de Gibraltar. Whilst of course invigorating this unique area of the Iberia Peninsula.

PST Puerto Sotogrande also holds a firm commitment of collaboration and assistance to other nonprofit organisations with social and environmental objectives. Promoting inclusive actions for their, participation and cooperation, backing sponsorship of high level competitive sporting events and sport foundation, together with initiation into sailing and navigation for everyone, workshops for senior citizens, social and research patronage etc.


In PST Puerto Sotogrande our lines of collaboration with the immediate surroundings through our Corporative Social Responsibility, has different areas and lines of action: firstly environmental, then cultural and thirdly inclusion of disadvantaged groups.

PST Puerto Sotogrande shows its most charitable and social commitment through the economic donations or of products which are carried out annually, together with cooperation and a wide array of activities in conjunction with Associations and educative centres, senior care homes and in general, cases in the local area.

We endeavour to collaborate with whatever serious social activity that is put to us, or join projects that other entities propose, to advance together for a better world; inclusive and equal.


From its beginnings, PST Puerto Sotogrande has abided to equality in salaries between men and women, having incorporated perfectly mixed work teams. This is audited regularly to guarantee equality between men and women.

At present our personnel is made up of 30% women against 70% men. In summer, more women are incorporated than men in areas such as the Pier Staff. We also abide with the level of disabled workers, 2% of our personnel.

To affront the future of the organisation, a criteria of priority is to ensure the incorporation of professionals in attention to transversility; giving priority to groups which include women, the disabled and others at a risk of exclusion due to age.

Likewise, in PST Puerto Sotogrande we give priority to local suppliers and service operators, together with special employment centres. We prioritise local personnel, which we see as key to invigorate the area where we are situated.

The generation of wealth in the areas around us is fundamental for the harbour. We attempt to create a circular economy within the area of the Campo de Gibraltar, to favour the synergies between the harbour and its surroundings.


Another of our main lines of action within our CSR is that connected to the sponsoring of sports and sporting events, to encourage a nautical culture in the area and of sport in general. We often collaborate with different local sportsmen and women or connected with the sea, sailing schools, associations and sporting foundations, sporting events etc. For PST Puerto Sotogrande, supporting the habit of sport is fundamental for a healthy life.

Another objective of PST Puerto Sotogrande’s CSR is greater visual awareness of nautical sports. An important economic amount is designated to this each year.

The RC44 World Championship and six editions of the International Circuit of this same class, J80 World and Spanish Championships, the historical Classic Week Regatta, with the presence of ; Hispania, Mariska, Lady Anne and Tuiga, have all taken place in the waters of PST Puerto Sotogrande due to the sponsorship of PST Puerto Sotogrande and our commitment to sailing. We have also sponsored a J80 competition team for seven years.

Fundación También which promotes sport for the disabled, together with the Vicente Ferrer Foundation, are other organisations which PST Puerto Sotogrande has sponsored as part of its sponsoring and social action through sport programme.


At Puerto Sotogrande we understand that in direct application of our CSR we should support training; academic and practical investigation in our connection to our surroundings. They are by no means, few the studies, investigations and actions, in which we actively and proactively participate, with special emphasise on those that address environmental conservation of flora and fauna marina and avoid contamination.

In this way PST Puerto Sotogrande contributes with numerous university investigations; on sea levels and the effects of climate change, on the patella ferruginia, the invading sea weeds etc. We are convinced that specialised knowledge and training are essential to improve our services and contribute to the improvement of the harbour and its surroundings sustainability.

Everything in this field of knowledge that positively affects leisure harbours, nautical activities and the sea, will be PST Puerto Sotogrande strategies. In consequence of this commitment, different universities such as; the University of Cádiz, University of Málaga, University of Granada, University of Almeria, University of Pablo Olavide or the Andalucian Institute of Historic Heritage, are benefiting from this programme of CSR in its encouraging of RDI: Research, Development and Innovation.