Primer Puerto Seguro



PST Puerto Sotgrande has been classified as the First Puerto Seguro MarinaSafe® in Spain, following the adaptation of its public urban and harbour space to proportion a safe, habitable, accessible, comfortable, active, sports, sustainable, engaged and of course, healthy environment.


This recognition of Puerto Seguro – MarinaSafeR  en su categoría de “Oro plus”,  in the “Gold plus”, category has been awarded to Puerto Sotogrande for our dedication and commitment for the implication of measures for health, safety, social distancing, the conciliation of pedestrians and mobility in recommended zones, offering safety, separation and destruction of dirty waste products, together with the implementation of our own guidelines for safety, cleansing, disinfection, quality and environmental health, use of public spaces and the setting up of safety capacity limits. This analysis has been carried out through the use of a specific checklist, together with that of the emergency and contingency plan, processes and guidelines establish in the harbour.

Puerto Sotogrande has passed all the filters with excellence and achieved the recognition in the category Gold+, which is the maximum, awarded; from the very beginning the health and safety action guidelines as a contingency plan in its own contingency to affront an unknown situation. This contingency plan actively continues and is ready for any different question that may arise to be contended to.


This Safe Harbour Recognition Puerto Seguro – MarinaSafeR is associated with a process of evaluation and continuous supervision of all protocols on a regular basis, to always and at all times guarantee the safety of the port, as well as its cleanliness, maximum hygiene and the performance of all actions necessary to guarantee compliance with the objectives set.

The management of the port wants to go further and that is why it has decided to continue with this recognition despite the fact that the situation caused by Covid-19 is in a state of regression and has decided to maintain action, health and safety protocols over time in order to be prepared for any different eventuality that may arise, including possible pandemic situations, situations linked to climate change, storms, etc. In short, it is about having a healthier and more comfortable port in the face of any incident.