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Puerto Sotogrande has become the first leisure harbour to have its own nautical flag. Its primal logo has been duly adapted according to the nautical language of flags and nautical sign pennants, in the official sign of welcome, to guarantee safety and offer hospitality to the vessels which visit and moor up in Puerto Sotogrande.

It is likewise, a flag of health and good wishes for your crossing, for all those other vessels which navigate through the Straits of Gibraltar and journey the necessary miles to reach PST Puerto Sotogrande. We place ourselves behind our official flag at your service, for everything you may need at any given time. Now and always.

In this manner what had until 2021 been our logo has been elevated to the position of flag. What was a beautiful sunset with sailing yachts on the sea horizon, giving then a superior level to the same as we maintain the presence of the history and tradition familiar to PST Puerto Sotogrande.