PST Puerto Sotogrande is an idyllic setting to carry out sports and a healthy lifestyle, next to the sea together with aquatic and nautical sports. Sports, health and sea join hands at our leisure harbour.

Towards the end of the 80’s, this vocation was conceived and the same spirit continues here today, being a reference for the most demanding sailing and navigation lovers in all its formats.


Puerto Sotogrande has become a true Nautical and Sports Centre, where you can enjoy the sea in all its forms and all types of nautical and leisure schools.

To provide this, apart from our harbour installation and excellent open waters, to the Costa del Sol and with views to the Costa de la Luz, you can enjoy the services of the Real Club Marítimo Sotogrande (RCMS – Sotogrande Royal Maritime Club), Sailing School and the Special needs Sailing School (EVA).

You could also enjoy the numerous official regattas and scorables for the different professional circuits celebrated each year, as well as the practice of other sports such as; windsurf, kite surf, paddle surf, wing foil, wake foil, foil or surf itself. The triathlon and swimming are other sporting schools that are practiced in the Sotogrande area, without forgetting the traditional canoes.


The The Sotogrande Royal Maritime Club is one of the singular buildings that stands out among the sails and vessels of all types.

At present the RCMS has more than 350 family members. In recent years important regattas have been organised for both dingy and cruiser vessels, to continue to promote the sport of sailing in the surroundings of Sotogrande.

The Sotogrande Royal Maritime Club has two bases; the central one where the offices, cafeteria, restaurant with a terrace which offers views of the Sotogrande marina and the competition vessels are tied up at the piers which surround the building. The other is the Sailing School itself, situated on the beach, where the dingy sailing competitions are based and serves as a social gathering point in both summer and winter.


The Sotogrande Royal Maritime Sailing School was founded in 1989 in Sotogrande and approved by the Andalucian Sailing Federation (FEV) with the category of ‘Dos Rosas de los Vientos’. Over the years, thousands of pupils have learnt to sail in this unique area to practice the sport in the south of Spain.

The Sailing School is sponsored by Puerto Sotogrande itself and offers various lines of learning. These include Optimist class sailing for children through to catamarans for adults. For those who would prefer to set aside sailing, canoes and other vessels are available.


The Special Needs Sailing School has been in operation since 2018, with the aim to promote sports and social inclusion through navigating, enjoyment of the sea, team participation and integration, developing all kinds of abilities for those with special needs.

The courses offered are always free of charge and aimed at people with any kind of disability. These sailing curses are therapeutic, relaxing and competitive; to form crews that could in the future participate in the different championships of adapted sailing at national and international level. The classes are from initiation to perfection.

Four specially adapted TOM 28 vessels are used, with a capacity for four students in each, also a standard cruiser vessel, again specially adapted to accommodate eight persons, an adapted 24 metre catamaran and we will shortly acquire four Hansa 303. To complete the EVA fleet, is a semi-ridged security launch to oversee the practice areas.

This special needs sailing school, created by PST Puerto Sotogrande, in collaboration with the Real Club Marítimo de Sotogrande, aims to be a reference of inclusion; sports for everyone,. Consequently installations on land are being adapted and architectural barriers eliminated, which together with the installation of lifts, as in the area of the main harbour, incorporating floating pontoons, allow special needs crews to board their vessels.


PST Puerto Sotogrande together with its Sailing School and the Real Club Marítimo Sotogrande, organise numerous championships and regattas of both national and international ranking. This is somewhat of an attraction for sailing followers from all corners of the globe.

Apart from being the seat of the Spanish Cup (Copa de España) for cruisers on 13 occasions, between 2014 and 2017 it has been the seat of the RC44 category, hosted on one occasion the World Championship and sponsors a fleet of J80 during these 7 years, where it has accommodated another world championship of J80 and in 2018 the famous Classic Week.


Windsurf, kitesurf, paddle surf, wingfoil, wakefoil, foil or surf, together with canoeing can all be practised in the area of PST Puerto Sotogrande, an area increasing adopted by followers of these sports, due to its privileged geographical location. The Mediterranean Sea and our Costa del Sol, likewise make this a unique experience for the triathlon and open water swimming.